2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

If you are looking for a Cayman GTS for sale, you should consider a few factors before making a purchase. These include Reliability, Standard Equipment, Price, and Performance. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available. You can also purchase a used model if you prefer a cheaper price.


A car’s reliability is based on various factors, such as the frequency of needed maintenance, the car’s warranty coverage, and the cost of repairs. A car with a high-frequency score will need major maintenance more often than one with a low-frequency score. Reliability ratings are based on cars of all makes and models, not just Porsche’s.

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Although Cayman’s suspension system is solid, problems can still arise. For example, the front suspension bushings are prone to wear. This can cause uneven tire wear and weak suspension joints. It’s important to keep an eye out for these problems. You can get a mechanic to inspect your car to identify problems early.

Porsche Caymans have a strong reputation for reliability. While the Cayman GTS costs $94,200 as tested, it’s a reliable car for its price. It’s also one of the few sports cars with an extensive warranty. It is worth noting that Porsche Cayman has only had two recalls in its lifetime, both related to airbag control units and cross-member sections. Click here to view the best inventory of porsche cayman

Although the Cayman is the most reliable car Porsche produces, it is not the most reliable. According to Consumer Reports, the Cayman GTS is rated 58.1 for reliability. Its purchase price is below average, and the monthly payments are relatively low. However, the car’s annual maintenance costs are high.

Despite the high-reliability score, the Cayman GTS is not a reliable road trip car. It’s a reliable daily driver, but the car can become noisy when pushed hard. As a result, Cayman owners should be prepared for unexpected road conditions.

The Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0 is a high-performance mid-engine sports car. It has excellent cornering dynamics and is remarkably balanced on normal roads. Its suspension system is also very stable. Overall, the Cayman GTS has impressive handling. It rides with poise, a key factor for a performance car.

Despite its high performance, the Cayman GTS is also affordable. The GTS 4.0 is the second-generation Cayman, with a sharp Gentian Blue Metallic finish. It also features a pristine interior. It’s good-looking and functional, and the seats are comfortable.

Standard equipment

The Cayman GTS is a high-performance version of the Cayman. This model comes with a standard 20-inch Porsche 718 Sport wheel and 20-inch Pirelli P-Zero tires. It is also available with leather upholstery. The GTS Interior Pack has a black leather interior with red contrast stitching.


The Porsche Cayman GTS is a high-performance road car with sharp handling and a perfectly balanced chassis. It is quick to accelerate and attacks corners at high speed with ease. Though the Cayman GTS is rear-biased, the weight is more heavily distributed at the front, making it less prone to oversteer.

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The Cayman GTS is powered by a 3.4-liter flat-six engine that produces 340 horsepower at 7400 rpm. It also produces 280 lb-ft of torque between 4750 and 5800 rpm. The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission boosts performance. The car’s gearbox is positioned in the middle of the vehicle, enabling it to shift the car’s gears with ease.

The Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0 can hit a top speed of 182 mph. Compared to its 718 predecessor, the Cayman GTS 4.0 has 20 more horsepower. Moreover, the car’s suspension system is tuned to provide an even smoother ride.

The performance of the Cayman GTS differs from Cayman GT4 and GTS models. The first version of the Cayman GTS had a four-cylinder engine, but Porsche engineers thought that the GTS moniker deserved a more powerful engine. Therefore, the engineers Porsche rebadged the Cayman GT4 with a 4.0-liter flat-six. The car now produces 394 hp.

The Porsche Cayman is the most extreme model of the series. It boasts four cylinders, and its power is sufficient for a high-speed race. Porsche’s halo model can achieve 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds. Its flat-six engine also has a more powerful turbocharged version, the GT4 RS. Check out used Porsche Cayman from Champion Porsche, The No. 1 Porsche dealership in USA


A Porsche Cayman GTS is the top of the Porsche Cayman line and has a PDK transmission. This model also features a larger engine and bi-xenon headlights. 

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It also has red-painted brake calipers and upgraded exterior and interior trim. The Cayman GTS is also equipped with electronically controlled dampers called Porsche Active Suspension Management. It also comes with a sport Chrono package and driver-adjustable chassis settings.


What are the specs of the Cayman GTS?

The Cayman GT4 is powered by a 3.8-liter flat-six engine that makes 385 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. It can go from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and has a top speed of 183 mph.

What is the price of the Cayman GT4?

The Porsche Cayman GT4 starts at $84,600.

What are the features of the Cayman GT4?

The Cayman GT4 comes standard with 19-inch wheels, a sport exhaust system, adaptive dampers, a rear spoiler, and Brembo brakes. It also has a 7-inch touchscreen display, navigation, and a 13-speaker sound system.


The Porsche Cayman GT4 is the latest in a line of high-performance sports cars from the German automaker. The car is powered by a 3.8-liter flat-6 engine that makes 385 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. It can go from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and has a top speed of 183 mph. 

The Cayman GT4 starts at $84,600. Standard features include 19-inch wheels, adaptive dampers, Brembo brakes, a rear spoiler, and a sport exhaust system. It also has a 7-inch touchscreen display, navigation, and a 13-speaker sound system.

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